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Rex Chapman, NBA athlete

Nov 12, 2016

A two-time All-SEC standout at the University of Kentucky, Rex Chapman made history as the first player ever drafted by the Charlotte Hornets franchise. After a flourishing 12-year NBA career, and more years as an NBA executive and broadcaster Chapman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. He reportedly took the items to a local pawn shop and sold the goods for cash. On September 30, 2014, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Chapman had entered a substance abuse rehabilitation program in Louisville, Kentucky, to be treated for Suboxone dependence, a medication prescribed to help patients stop using opioid-based pain medication. In 2015, Chapman stated that he had battled prescription pain pill addiction for 17 years as a result of 10 surgeries during his 14-year NBA career. He is now an advocate for drug addiction and speaks to college and university students and communities regularly.