MLB slugger Darryl Strawberry keeps swinging for the fences.

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Join us for a free, face-to-face event with 8-time Major League Baseball All-star Darryl Strawberry. One of the most feared sluggers in baseball, Strawberry’s sweet swing and charismatic personality made him a fan favorite. But looming beneath his easy demeanor was an insidious cocaine addiction that got him suspended three times. Today, Strawberry is an ordained minister whose mission is to bring hope to others who struggle. Join us and be lifted up. The first 100 tickets downloaded are eligible for a private reception with Darryl Strawberry after the event.

Uniting us collectively; inspiring us individually.

InCite Talks is about hope. We are a non-profit whose aim is to lift people's burdens with stories of triumph over adversity. The speakers are riveting. The events are free. The outcome is that we lift each other up, and erase the stigma of addiction. InCite Talks believes that when people get together and talk, healing begins.

We thank those who bring InCite Talks to life.

InCite Talks is a free public service, made possible by our sponsors. We hope you’ll express your appreciation with your patronage. For information on becoming a sponsor, please email

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About InCite

InCite Talks, LLC. is a free community service that brings in speakers from all walks of life to motivate, to entertain, and to strengthen each of us. We all have challenges to overcome. InCite Talks bring us together to create mutual understanding, and mutual resolve.

InCite Talks was started by the founders of Safe Haven Recovery Homes. They know that recovering addicts cause local concerns. The truth is, recovering addicts are productive people who have stumbled. Our hope is that sharing experiences like these with the community at large will help erase common misperceptions, and build bridges as neighbors.

With the growth of the opioid epidemic has come increasing friction in the communities and neighborhoods where rehab centers and sober homes have begun popping up. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of recovering addicts living in their midst, and have a lot of misconceptions about who these recovering addict are and what they are doing. Incite Talks serves as a unique outreach tool to the community to help change negative stereotypes and build ridges with the local citizens.

For free tickets to InCite Talks events visit:
The number of tickets is limited, so please only get as many tickets as you will use.

Delray Beach, Florida

"It’s phenomenal for Epiphany to sponsor this series that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community—even those who are not in recovery, like myself. Every month I look forward to the event."

—Mike Metroka, ESPN West Palm—